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Fighting Fat, Loss, And Fatigue

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All right most of us have had money at some point in time in our lives right so there’s been some point in time in your life when you had some money

Just as possible as it is that you may have had some money at some point in time in your life it’s also possible that you may have lost some money at some point in time in your life

And when you did that it really wasn’t cool you didn’t like it right you wanted to get that money back you ever lost a piece of jewelry you searched and you searched and you searched

You didn’t find it maybe to this very day there’s something that you lost a piece of jewelry some sentimental thing that you want back people have had pets

You ever lost a pet and when we’re speaking about the term loss isn’t that the same word that we use when someone that we cherish and adore and honor and love dies

We say passes away when we are mourning the loss of our loved ones right so whenever we lose things the idea of losing something is intimately interconnected in the inner workings of our subconscious minds

So much so that it also operates very consciously because it’s so prevalent the word lost I lost some money when you say you lost something you want it back

I lost my wallet I lost my keys right whenever we talk about loss it’s that one word that we have a definite meaning to it which means that something is gone

But it also has an underlying significance which is that it’s connected to things that we usually want 99.99% of the time right because the only time that people talk about loss in relation to something they don’t want are usually like criminals who say

We got to lose the police lose the tail or some people who are being jerks to somebody and they ditch a friend we got to lose this dork right these people who are not so nice

And then the other thing that we paradoxically connect the word loss to is fat and people’s bodies maybe in your body definitely on my body right but I don’t want to lose fat

I don’t want to lose fat just like I don’t want to lose a game that I’m playing or lose money I want to get rid of fat or more specifically I want to get rid of unhealthy fat

But if I tell myself I want to lose fat I’m automatically setting up a subconscious psychological trigger that’s deeply connected to something that I want

So whenever people say whenever I say if I do say I want to lose fat I’m really saying I’m going to temporarily misplace fat and then get it back at some later time

Or at least that’s what I really want and when you set up that tension right because losing something is like this imagine if you had like a post or a pole sticking out of the ground or a loop that you could hook something into

And at one end of the hook that you hook into the hook in the wall or you wrap around the pole or whatever is hooked is attached a rubber band right and then loss is like grabbing the one end

The loose end of that rubber band and walking away backwards perhaps from that pole that you have the rubber band partially tied onto or the loop that you have a hook on the end of the rubber band

And the further you move away the more tension there is and that’s like what happens when we think about losing things it’s a tension that’s trying to pull us back to that thing or pulling that thing back to us

Right but you see because it’s attached to something that’s more fixed and stable than we are we tend to start moving towards the thing we lost we keep searching for it

So our subconscious mind sets up ways for us to get the fat back for us to reclaim what we lost because that’s what we intimately deeply innately connect with

Loss almost always things that we want to get back so here’s the solution when we talk about getting rid of body fat we should say I want to burn fat away

I want to sculpt my body I want to get more fit I want to be more healthy I want to remove that manage my weight this whole idea of weight losses is ridiculous in light of this little piece of information right here

Now why should you listen to me about this at all I have a degree in clinical hypnosis for possibly the best school of education in the subject of clinical hypnosis in the world that I know of

At least in the united states the hypnosis motivation institute I didn’t graduate with honors or anything I actually graduated late and almost didn’t because of some emotional issue I was having and didn’t deal with correctly

It doesn’t stop the fact that I finally got through and was practicing every day learning how to use clinical hypnosis to help change people’s subconscious minds so that their behaviors are in alignment with their goals and desires

And I’ve been practicing that since 2004 it is now 2022 I’ve been practicing for 18 years and this is a subject that I practice every day in mind body

And spirit not only for myself to stay fit and healthy at now 44 years old but also for my clients that I trained to stay fit and healthy and this is one of the most important things for a martial artist

Is to be fit and healthy in mind body and spirit