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Awaken Inside The Gym Hosts KappaGuerra Martial Arts in Virginia Beach, Virginia

(KappaGuerra) Martial arts training based on kickboxing, wrestling, capoeira, and street-fighting. Learn how to use your body to defend, and counter-attack from any position you find yourself in by custom training to the best of your abilities.

Learn Martial Arts To Defend Yourself And Stay Fit

Kappaguerra Martial Arts is available at Awaken Inside The Gym on Wednesdays and Fridays for Individuals and Small Teams. Call For Details 757-834-0010 (KappaGuerra / UniquilibriuM), or

I got a little pumped up after I visited Eric today at his facility, Awaken Inside The Gym in Virginia Beach, Virginia. You can hear me fumble through my excitement on Callin below. Stay tuned for more aadventures…

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